Talent Tin was born from a need to source the best creative talent for the fashion industry, in a cost-effective way. Having pioneered the retail business for Mexx in the 90’s, Ashish Sensarma, was involved in running global apparel brands such as Vilebrequin and Wolford. Recently, as CEO of Wolford, he and his team often struggled to source high-quality creatives, due to the brand’s remote location.

Working with creative agencies was often the only option, however, was not a cost-effective nor a sustainable solution. The teams attempted to source talent from generic freelance websites but found they often lacked the quality and visual attributes required for the fashion business.

With his experience in fashion and technology, Shiv Sensarma decided to start pursuing a solution to solve this problem. He decided to launch Talent Tin - a digital community of top-level creative talent accessible globally through a network of freelancers.

Our vision is to be the natural choice for fashion brands to source and collaborate with outstanding global creative talent. We ensure that each and every freelancer on our platform is showcased prominently, treated with respect, dignity, honesty and full transparency. We exist to make their lives fuller.



Shiv Sensarma
Shiv Sensarma Founder & Director

Shiv graduated from the University of Westminster in 2015 with an Honours in Business Management & Marketing. Throughout his university career Shiv gained experience working at a variety of B2B and B2C companies, such as citizenM, McLaren Racing, Portland Design, Carat, iProspect, Isobar, Matter of Form and ReChannel. He has always had a keen interest in the bridge between fashion and technology and developed the concept in 2015.

Since then, Shiv has been working to create a community of like-minded individuals; forward-thinking and innovative fashion brands and creatives who are ready to be part of the revolution that is occurring within the fashion space and freelance economy.

Ashish Sensarma
Ashish Sensarma Founding Investor & Director

Ashish has over 30 years of experience in the apparel industry with a proficiency in driving profitable growth and a passion for creating consumer satisfaction. He is a specialist in branded retailing with a global understanding of consumer aspirations in the mid-market and luxury segments, coupled with a deep knowledge of multi-distribution channels.

Recently, as CEO of Wolford, the luxury hosiery Austrian brand, he led the restructuring of the group and set the foundations for future growth. At Vilebrequin, a luxury swimwear brand, he was responsible for making the brand the global leader in its segment. Prior to joining Vilebrequin, he was with Mexx, the international apparel brand. His career with Mexx spanned 25 years where he pioneered the retail business for the brand and grew it globally.



Eric Musgrave Advisory Board Member Photo Credit - Laura Lewis
Ibrahim Ibrahim Managing Director Portland Design
Michael Knowles Dean, Sushant School of Design Photo: Smriti Jessie